24 Oct 2008

BBC licks its lips - its recession time

Economics has always annoyed me as a discipline. At A Level, I got a grade 'N', and I think a large part of that (as well as slacking off) was because I actually felt hatred for the subject. Part of what annoyed was the certainty with which economists and theorists spoke, as if economics was some sort of exact science with right and wrong answers. In the essay questions (it didn't matter what they were about) I'd use it as an opportunity to argue that Economics was a mostly pointless activity because it attempts to apply logic and science to what is essentially illogical (because humans don't always follow logic).

The image I've nicked for this posting reminded me of my hatred of economics because it seems that the BBC loves to talk about how awful everything will become. They've now decided to brand the recession with a little cheeky arrow coming from the word 'downturn'. Enjoy - I imagine we'll be seeing it a lot more. I name this brand 'Danny the Downturn Arrow'.

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