28 Oct 2008

Further Reading

Interestingly, in my research about This England magazine yesterday, it turns out that its a far more politicised publication than I previously thought. As well as the far-right New Britain party, various people were also involved in a fantastic group of nutters called the League of Empire Loyalists (if there were an acronym I would call them 'LOL').

The League were the thorn in the sides of the Tories during the 1950's, a bit like Militant were for Labour in the 1980's. They were founded by Arthur Chesterton, who didn't like the way 'we' were giving land back to the 'savages'. Oh yeah, many of the founding members also had involvement with Mosley's British Union of Fascists prior to WWII. They didn't like Jews, but rather inconsistently, didn't ban them from joining.

Some interesting names crop up from the membership register of LOL, such as John Tyndall. You may remember him from BNP broadcasts in the 1990's (stern face, white cliffs of Dover, interspersed with headlines about naughty immigrants).

I don't know why I thought any of this was particularly relevant, but it takes you out of your comfort zone a bit, know that cosy cuppa-tea-little-englander sensibilties are not that far off some pretty nasty shit.

So next time Grandma offers you a piece of tiffin, slap it out of her hand and call her a fascist.

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