21 Oct 2008

Is it going to be worth partying?

As a resident of the UK, its freaking impossible to avoid US election coverage, and if I'm honest, I do somewhat enjoy the spectacle. I don't think I've ever met or known anyone with big-R Republican sympathies, as they wouldn't get to say much before I covered them in my own vomit.

Like any decent person, I don't want to see a McCain-Palin Whitehouse, but I was pondering the other day whether I would actively celebrate an Obama-Biden win either, as I can't actually think of any significant policy changes that have been proposed by them that would really make an impact. In order for 'change' to occur, surely the US needs a congress and senate full of his clones, otherwise any decent policies will probably be scuppered by what are termed 'southern Democrats'. From what I understand, these are like northern Republicans, with a bit more apple pie, and a salt shaker worth of anti-abortion.

Plus, I don't know whether to go for cheap cava or champers. Perhaps if the decent guy does win, I can at least celebrate a greater turnout in US elections. Hopefully all those people in the middle of the US will stay at home, and the coasts make the decision. I think they're more likely to make the best choice. In fact, why not just let Canada choose.

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