27 Oct 2008

My Plan For 2009

I end up watching the Last Night of The Proms every year, as the humourous jingoism and rather lacklustre chintz-patriotism amuses me, and reminds me of a magazine that a great aunt used to read called This England.

I've only seen one copy of the journal "for all those who love England's green and pleasant land". To quote from Innaccura-pedia "It features articles against metrication, the European Union, multiculturalism and other issues which the readership may consider threats to English identity. In the 1990s, it lent its support to New Britain, a very small right-wing political group, which it praised as "the organisation which is campaigning for a complete revival of our country". Right up my street, obviously.

I own an anarcho-syndicalist flag. I bought it a few years ago because:

1. I didn't own a flag
2. I'm a real bore about anarchism -I've studied it extensively as a political philosophy. I wouldn't say I could provide a manifesto of how to make it work in UK 2009, but equality and freedom are cool, so I read about it.

So my ambition for 2009 is to take my anarcho-syndicalist flag and wave it patriotically at the Last Night Of The Proms. I don't know how I'm going to get tickets, I don't know if I can get anyone to come with me, and I don't know if I'll get chucked out of the Albert Hall for it, but its worth a go I reckon. This is an anarcho-syndicalist flag by the way...

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