18 Nov 2008

Fucked Up (at Corp and in arm)

I went to see Fucked Up at Corp and all I got were these blurry pictures. I was too caught up in the show to really get to grips with boring stuff like focussing. Below is Pink Eyes, stood on the bar in the little room:

He was onstage for about 3 minutes, and the rest with the crowd, and much sweat was shared with Tom and I. Tom got wrestled by this dude who thought he shouldn't be there. Tom said 'Do that again and I'll kick youir teeth out' and the dude went and stood the other side of the room.

I fell backwards over a guy on the floor and landed on my wrist. This is it today:

I was also pleased to contribute vocally to 'Crooked Head' and 'Crusades'. After, I informed Pink Eyes that his singing was pretty, and that he made Canada proud. Good times.

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