24 Nov 2008

Nothing like assumptions...

This article goes on way too long.

Typical New York... first comes Sex And The City, and then seemingly everyone is qualified to like, totally, write a journal with their answer to 'how things are in the dating world', as if everyone was simultaneously asking that question. Weirdly, although this annoyed me, I read it to the end.

But of course I would, as I'm an 'bitter SYM' who feels "that the entire culture is a you-go-girl cheering section". Hmm, men earn more and hold more positions of power - its been this way for a while, we're still winning. And if you're middle-class like me, double-winner.

The fight ain't over yet sisters.

I see the divide very differently to Hymowitz. There's one side that is 'people who just get on with things' and and on the other 'those that spend time navel-gazing about relationships'. I wonder if the unemployed 5.8% of NYC's population gives as much of a shit.

Maybe I am angry.

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