2 Nov 2008


Here's what my parents' house is like...

Mousetraps and poison.

Dad's desk. The Dad from U.N.C.L.E.

A lonely train.

The attic is full of stuff like this. Perhaps it might be thrown out when it reaches a definitive level of obsoleteness. Maybe this is why I find chunky old technology comforting.

My Mum would always say we lived like 'cobblers children' - the skills and the know-how to fix things, but living in a state of disrepair because of everyone else's requests to fix things.

The Board Master 6500 - I presume some sort of cutting machine/drill. The name conjures up images of California and surfing, but the object is quite, quite dull.

This is a fluorescent light, but plugged into a mains socket. A 'temporary' fix within the kitchen.

The Triton T70. I remember using this shower for the last time in about 1994. It was disconnected because of my Dad's concern that water would leak round the tiles and cause damp problems in the kitchen. Good point, but it would have been nice to have a working shower.


Beth said...

Is that a someones lunch box next to the rat poison box?

silince said...