11 Nov 2008

There were some Inuit...

...and they were out fishing in the mighty mighty cold. The icy wind whistled in, the chilled brine splashed up the side of boat, and the two men felt the very life being sucked out of them, first in their hands and feet, but gradually seeping through to their very being.

One of them brought out another pair of fur layers for each of them, in an attempt to maintain what little warmth was left, but this was a small arrow in a field of cannons.

There remained much of river to ride before getting back to the camp, and so one of the Inuit thought that only a primary source of heat could keep them alive, and gathered some tinder from the side of water. From this, a small fire was constructed, and the two brave men huddled together. It was primal - this fire must keep burning.

Their community was an hour away now, and the fire was still going strong. So strong in fact, that they did not notice it scorching and burning through the bottom. By the time they noticed, everything was waterlogged and sinking.

You can't just have your kayak and heat it too.

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