16 Dec 2008


One can't really elicit sympathy by saying the phrase 'I've been so busy I haven't had time to blog' but this is actually true.

Following my injury last week, I didn't want to moan to much, so I went to the Warehouse Project in Manchester to see Squarepusher. It was originally going to be myself and 3 of my current and former colleagues, but due to illness and prior engagements, it ended up as one of my former colleagues, her friend and I. So in this instance, I was the 'gay friend'.

The Warehouse Project is not a warehouse, rather a car park underneath Manchester Picadilly station. Unlike raves and free parties, this is licensed, and blimey, the level of security and police outside unnerved me.

As I walked in (still with arm in sling) I was led aside, told to completely empty my pockets, unzip everything, and then get fondled good and proper by a security guard. It was indeed very thorough (we're talking sliding fingers round the bottom of all of my pockets). In my view, going through all of this doesn't really class as 'entertainment' for me, its more like a psychedelic prison visit, plus it costs £20 to get in. Outrageous.

Squarepusher was very good, especially with the live drums and bass-playing, although one girl said to me 'Its a bit too metal innit?' to which I said ' Not really'.

Luke Vibert was OK in the same way that most drum 'n' bass is OK. And the other people 'playing' that night had output that could be considered 'fuel for fuckheads'. We left around 5am, and went to Spar in time for the first train to Sheffield at ten to 6 (pretty much filled with the same partygoers).

I am still most definitely a rock dude.

Yesterday was the staff party, and amongst the better things, I got first prize in the beard competition. In front of my department, I was told to give a speech, so in the spirit of Marlon Brando, I kept it concise and meaningful: "I cannot accept this award until my people are free". I was panicking that this would be met with silence, but thankfully it got a laugh. Phew.

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