2 Dec 2008

Shitting Crikey - Why Have I Not Known About This Before?

In 2001, VH1 Canada produced a TV Movie called Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story.

Now I must admit, I'm not a massive fan of Def Leppard, but Nether Edge rumour has it that they played their first gig at the Broadfield, Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, and considering that was the pub geographically closest to where I lived for the majority of my life, that means something (I'm not counting the Byron - which may be actually the closest pub).

Classic rock makes me smile, although had I been old enough in the 1980's during its salad days, I probably would have spat on you and gone home to sulk and listen to Dinosaur Jnr/Black Flag/Descendents etc.

No, its purely due to my propensity to look down my nose at things that made me purchase Hysteria, but more specifically due to these things:

1. None of the band feature in the film
2. Sheffield (UK city) is played the unlikely double, Montreal (Canadian city)
3. Canadian actors play native Sheffield people

So yeah, mostly generation X-ish post-irony, with bit of a dash of Sheffield pride, topped off with a great soundtrack. Here's the intro, but before watching take note:

-Steering wheel on wrong side of vehicle
-Roadsign at 37 seconds in with the information that the scene is taking place 2 miles from the M25, 11 miles from Sheffield, and 46 miles from Manchester - all going in the same direction
-I've never seen a combination of such good weather/telegraph-pole-mounted electricity cables and prolific fruit stalls in my fair city.


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