8 Jan 2009

You can be anything you want to be.

Remember how GM tried to convince the US Government that it was a bank so that it could get some free money? Well the bailout bonanza continues.

Goldman Sachs were criticised last year when they proposed that they would give out $6.9bn in bonuses while asking for a massive handout from Uncle Sam. This has been approved, but as they're good people, the top dogs are going to have to settle for their basic salary. I for one know that my basic salary barely covers everything, so I truly sympathise with them.

I spent my journey to work thinking about how I could convince the world that I'm a financial institution in trouble. I don't even need as much as $10bn - a couple of grand would be lovely. Also, I would quite enjoy the limited liability offered to me.

Whenever I can't sleep at night, I pretend that I'm a Post Office, because it puts me in the frame of mind that I will shut down very soon.

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