10 Feb 2009

Got A Backgammon Set?

But don't know the rules? No fear...

Then you should play ¡Frontbacon!

¡Frontbacon! is an game for all the family (2 at a time mind), and the rules are EASY!

1. Players face each other with the ¡Frontbacon! board in the middle.
2. Each player has their own coloured pieces (or loins) layed out in front of them.
3. For best results, an independent adjudicator (known as an Abbatoir) blows a whistle, and players must throw the loins one at a time at each others faces. You may use both hands, however only one loin per player may be airborn at any one time.
4. When one player is out of loins they must shout '¡Frontbacon!' and they are then declared the Porksworth (or winner).

Also available: Sidepork, Sinister Snout and Castle Lard.

1 comment:

Glover said...

I don't know about you, but I'm attached to my loins