2 Feb 2009

More Bore

OK - 'we' spend loads of our money by pouring it into banks, and then we ask them nicely to do as we say, in the hope that they will, and jobs will appear and everyone will be happy. But, it seems that the banks tend to just take the money, do fuck all, and continue to whine about how hard done to they are.

Spain's idea (from Zapatero*), on the other hand, spends the equivalent of £96bn on its railways, thus:

1. Removing customers from budget flights (Planet sez cheers)
2. Creating useful jobs (workers say cheers)
3. Spain has a cutting edge infrastructure (Citizens, businesses, tourists say cheers)

*I've just realised - Zapatero doesn't sound as impressive a figure when you Anglicise his name - John Lewis Shoemaker. Maybe its the 'John Lewis' thing. In fact, I'm going to put John Lewis in the search terms for this blog entry, so that keen John Lewis (the department store) investigators will instead have to plough through my short Monday evening rant, and then come to a postscript that is longer than the actual article.

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