12 Mar 2009

Heartwarming Enquiry

I got this via the enquiry service I look after:

I can imagine how many letters you recieve every day, but I hope that you'll read my letter.

I'm writting to you, because I need somebody who can help me.

I found your college, searching for any chance to study. I don't know why, but I feel that you are a person, who can help me. I know that it's really very difficult to recieve a scholarship for international student, ecpecially for Foundation or A-levels Course, but maybe it's possible to make a exception.

My name is ------, I am 16 and I live in Ukraine. This year is my last year at school. I have a huge dream to study in UK after finishing school.I live with my mother only and I know that it's impossible for my family to pay for my studying as in the UK as in Ukraine. But I dont give up and I still bileve that somebody will give me a chance to study in UK, that somebody will make my dreams come true.

I'm talented in journalism, media,music, dancing and writing. I write
songs in English and Russian also.I have recordings of my songs.I have many publications of my articles in Ukrainian newspapers and magazines.

Last year I took part in the 'Let your English grow' competition and came
to England for one month for studying English. When I came to England, I understood that I want to study there, I want to live there and I want to be useful for this country as much as it will be possible.

I won lots of defferent competitions of English language in my country.Now
I'm searching for any chance to study in the UK after finishing school. I know that most of scholarships and grants are for UK students, but maybe it's possible to recieve a scholarship or a grant for studying at your college? Or maybe can I study and work at the same time? What I have to do for it? I'm ready to study very hard. I'm ready to do everything. Please, just give me a chance or a piece of advice how to act.

This is one of my poems:

And she's gone with a wind misty morning,
when nobody could fallow her way
London's rain couldn't catch her in falling
and it couldn't allow her to stay

She was touching the air around,
Trying to find something, trying to start
But nobody could hear the sound,
sound of rain and the beat of her heart

She could hear the wisper of rain,
and it wasn't the way that it seemed
One more look...and she entered the plane,
And she's gone, and she's gone with a wind...

Please, let me know, if you can help me.

Best wishes,


Enjoy. Anyway, I'd better go now like a wind wispy morning.*

*I did my best to advise her by the way - I'm not heartless,
plus she said she would 'do everything'. *rubs thighs* <== JOKE

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