6 Mar 2009

KY part 2

Almost as soon as I've put one gig on, the next is creeping up on me. This time, I may put not Kimmy Yeah on first, as the sheer humbleness of doing this the last time just confused many people:

"When are you guys playing"
"We've been on."
"Whaat? Already?"
"I thought you'd be higher up the bill?"
"Its our first show - it would be a bit big headed..."

So April the 12th we have Atomic Garden from la France. Great band, atrocious band name. You can hear some of their stuff here. If that's not enough, the guy I've been in correspondence with is called Gaylord. Ace.

The other band is a post-hardcorey band called A Bear, and they are from the city of Manchester. They're progressive enough to blog also, and u can reed there branes hear. If you really must use the Murdoch Media Machine, you can also stream track from their thing here.

I imagine I'll have to pay AG a fair whack of money, so I may have to raise the door price to the excessive £3 if you can afford it. Joe is doing me another nice poster, and I'll put it around when I get it.

Oh yeah, the two KY tracks are available as 320kbps MP3 from here and here.

Skillz out.

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