13 Mar 2009

The Throwback Continues...

Yes the 20th century revival continues. We've got nationalisation, rising unemployment, a 'Labour' government going tits up and now... making jokes out of different people is back again.

Maybe I just completely lack any humour at all (I can live with that) but all this week I have been confronted by posters on telephone boxes for the film Lesbian Vampire Killers starring the remarkably unfunny and inexplicably popular James Corden and Matthew Horne. You may know them from the pisspoor Gavin and Stacey. Now they also have a sketch show that's based around their one talent: Matthew Horne looking po-faced, and James Corden finding humour in his tubbyness.

At risk of sounding like someone who finds nothing funny, what precisely is it about lesbian vampires that adds novelty? I can see what they've tried to do: make a lame retro B movie style British comedy. What an original idea. I imagine the title came out of some committee thinking with the members infatuated by the work of Simon Pegg et al.

"Do you remember Shaun of the Dead? It was well funny because it woz like an American movie but wiv loads of British references in it, and it did really well at the box office and in DVD sales. Do we have anyone Englishy we can use?"

"Well there's them two guys from BBC 3, you know, the fat one HAHA! and the one that looks po-faced HAHA! Why don't we like, make a pretend horror film like wot was in the 50's but, you know, set it in Wales?!?!"

"Yeah! And we can put rude jokes in too! And make funnies about how one of them is a fatty, and the other one is po-faced!"

"That's gold. But what's our hook?"

"Well, no one has made fun of lesbians for a while, so we should include that. Lesbians are funny!"

"Yeah totally! They're like ladies that fancy ladies HAHAHAHA"

There's only one thing that needs slaying and that's the fucking person that commissioned this atrocity.

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