18 Apr 2009

I Went To See Propagandhi And All I Got Was A Technical Failure And Lots Of Police

Yay! Propagandhi turned up!

Then we were all booted out due to the Academy's shit electronics. A few cops turned up to sooth us.

Not being particularly soothed, maybe some more police?

Nice Jackets...

Among the chants that I started that gained a bit of ground and then tailed off:

"Tomlinson! Tomlinson!"
"Abdominal Haemorrage!" (this one got a laugh but wasn't catchy enough)

In the video below, you can just hear the end of a group rendition of YMCA:

I'm always with camera, as these cheeky scamps pointed out...

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Beth said...

Yo, its Beth. what happened? what, if anything, did they play? I need details or some kind of point by point recapping.