8 Apr 2009

I've Been Getting Drunk Every Night Since Last Friday

To which the question arises: Is there any point really getting off the waggon considering the Bank Holiday is coming up?

On Friday I went to this wedding, went out the following night, Sunday I ended up on an accidental pub crawl with Cape looking for a pub that sold scrumpy cider (and for some reason, we had a pint in every pub that didn't have it), Monday involved seeing the really frickin' marvellous Chickenhawk, and last night I went drinking with a Doctor of English Literature, and a Doctor of Philosophy. It ended up in my house, to which the debate raged "Is The Simpsons a postmodern satirical discourse, or a cartoon with yellow people"* - it got pretty deep and analytical. Most enjoyable.

*We concluded nothing, as we ran out of wine.

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