14 May 2009

Ain't Got A Mot-ahhhhhh

Who is Bubba 2000? What you cannot see in this sign is that vehicles illegally parked in this area are threatened with clamping. Now clamping, or at least the threat of it, is usually a stern enough deterrent to prevent the illegal or unsafe stowage of vehicle in this particular spot.

Bubba 2000 has a longing. He (I could be wrong, but the handwriting looks more male) overtly expresses a desire to enjoy the freedom of leaving some property in a particular space. Not just that, Bubba 2000 is rebelling: He's seen the sign, he's seen the warning, but he is not intimidated. "Bring it on" he was probably thinking "your signs will not dampen my freedom of parking expression". Not just that, his self-belief goes beyond a simple expression in the first person, and he opts for the nominal third person, with a certain amount of grandeur.

He takes you one way, then, confusingly, brings you back, to a personal level with his heartfelt (and first person) confession that, alas, he does not have a vehicle in which to show his contempt for restrictions placed upon him. The use of the word "ain't" produces underdog, and bluesy self-pitying signals, and the non-standard spelling of 'Motor', short for motorised vehicle, brings humour and dialect back into the equation. We can characterise the rollercoaster of emotions thus:


As a final thought, look once again at the work of Bubba 2000, you can just make out the word 'respect' fading into the background. In one sense, Bubba has no respect for this sign, but perhaps it is also indicative of Bubba's confused self-worth?

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