8 May 2009

Cake Log v2.0 (beta)

Today has been marvellous.

From my initial ropiness following seeing Tubelord (somewhat disappointing) and Johnny Foreigner (meh, OK I guess) at Fuzz Club last night, it was gratifying to be in work and be asked whether I wanted a sandwich delivering from down the road. I went for large bacon and sausage with brown sauce - it certainly helped bring me round.

Despite this, I felt like my usual routine was somewhat disrupted (surge of effort until 10.30, then coffee and chocolate as the 'reward'), and then around 11am, a senior staff member bought in 2 trays of tiramisu. You may recall from my previous posts that, where I work, cake is taken very seriously.

The logging of cakey delights is taken so seriously by my team that I present to you some highlights from various reviews:

"If this is the product of being another year older (Ms Mottershaw had turned 22) then age - yea, perhaps death - has lost its sting. A truly extravagant confection yet gift-wrapped in the sweetest simplicity; a cake that was apparently downloaded then simply downed, in my case to the pleasing accompaniment of a cafetiere brew; stylish and stunning - a new gold standard that is most welcome in the current climate. TC"

"Imagine a traditional chocolate marble cake but in the shape of a cartoon magnet; presumably the Tenerifians make a whole circular cake and then cut it in two. Stacey, a souvenir of whose recent holiday this was, could shed no light on the matter. Somewhat disconcertingly, due to the unusual shape and marbling effect, the cutting of the cake resembled a surgical operation, or the dissection of an organ during post-mortem examination. However, such worrying thoughts were soon set aside by a satisfying - if unspectacular - offering, the rather dry consistency of which provided a good compliment to late-morning coffee. TC"

"On first bite, I was hit by two contrasting sensations - the cake texture was beautifully fluffy - a wonderful piece of baking. By contrast, the icing was, frankly, damp.
Nevertheless, it sat well upon the aforementioned cake base. Flavour-wise, there was an immediate hit of smoky, dark chocolate. The sensation was temporarily dizzying, but all too brief. The chocolate flavour was not sustained, and was overtaken by a rush of sickly sweet icing. In short, that icing had no right to be there - it belonged on another, cheaper cake, not on this beautifully crafted piece of baking.

In conclusion, then, the cake sent me to heaven; the icing sent me to hell. However, considering the occasion, benevolence must win the day: a sterling effort by Monsieur B. (R deR)"

So there we go. What started as a simple scoring system has outgrown itself, and become somewhat literary. I may publish more highlights in the future, or, I may not.

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Beth said...

Hurrah for CakeLog!!