22 May 2009

Hyperbole Of The Week

There's so much written and screached about MP's expenses that I don't think anything I write would be particularly insightful. I've quite enjoyed watching the system collapse - its fun from a spectator's point of view, and in the future we can say "Yeah I remember 2009 - that was when politics and economics collapsed". But then I heard this story on the radio and I thought it was fantastic.

At the start of this year, I never would have thought that MPs would behave like attention-seeking teenagers who have been told off by Daddy. "I HATE you! I've not done ANYTHING wrong! I'm going upstairs to cut myself with a butter knife".

Nadine Dorries does make a salient point that an effective way that MP's can win 'back' the trust of the public is through mass suicide. Might I suggest hari kiri.

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