27 Jun 2009

Narration: A Study

I hate Sex and the City with a passion. There's far too many reasons to list here, but it probably has a lot to do with class, ethnicity, values, and my own sense of humour that is incapable of enjoying it.

Another thing that I can't reconcile is Carrie's narration over the top of the programme. Its a fucking lazy device that excuses poor writing in my view. Lets have a look:

Its cringeworthy. I don't expect you to have watched all of that clip, and I didn't want my YouTube profile to constantly suggest shrieky crap to me so this was the first example I could find, without looking too hard.

Another reason I don't like it is because whenever this narration pops in to fill in the gaps that the screenplay doesn't, I can't help but imagine I'm watching a post-op, post-lobotomy version of The Wonder Years in the future, where Fred Savage has got so sick of his inner old-man dialogue, that he's moved to New York to enjoy being shallow:

Thanks to me writing this, this blog may well be the first result when the masses start googling (or Bing-ing*) the names of these shows together. Cos that's what's gonna happen.

*Give it up Microsoft, no-one's going to change now.

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