6 Jun 2009

Right To Reply

A while ago, I wrote about Obits' album, and its always my intention never to slate things, but perhaps give an interpretation on how things appear to me.

Browsing through comments on this blog, I completely missed this comment from a member of Obits, clarifying a few points. As even I missed it (and its my blog) I feel it necessary to offer them a right of reply over my comments. You can read my original post here:

Hey Silince,

I just came across your post from nearly a month ago and wanted to clarify something.

Many folks, including you, seem to have latched onto Rick's quote about innovation and interpreted it in rather severe ways.

I understand the appeal of looking for something more barbed to react to, but I don't believe that was ever Rick's intent.

Our point is that in 2009 there is no need to reinvent the wheel. The voice of a rock'n'roll band should come naturally, without some absurd pretense of being the "new shoegaze" or the "new lo-fi" or whatever hyphenated shortcut is being used to describe some variation on essentially a very familiar idiom.

It's not that we revel in being anachronistic, it's that we see ourselves as part of the same primitive blueprint that has been the backbone of everything from Eddie Cochran to The Standells to Neu! to Wire to Minutemen and so on.

What hopefully makes us different is what we collectively bring to our interpretation and execution of the rock'n'roll formula.

And, as Rick pointed out, that's not something we have much control over. It kind of is what it is.

Undoubtedly this won't make our record sound any better to you, but perhaps it'll keep it out of the recycling bin for at least one more spin.

We'll be in the UK this September, so please come to a show if you can. I'll buy you a beer and you can tell me if we still seem like a bunch of old toads in a tired blues band.


I would like to thank Sohrab for sticking his neck above the parapet and answering my concerns - its always a risky thing to do and I truly admire him for it. In the off-chance he's reading this, I'd like to say that I really like the latest single on Sub Pop and I would urge readers to purchase it.

*As a side point, I see 6 followers on here - how many of you are hidden? Leave a comment if you one of them, or if you're a little scared, don't.*

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