5 Jun 2009

These things always happen.

In my local small supermarket, I am pretty much always asked for ID when purchasing alcohol. This isn't necessarily a bad thing for someone just shy of 27, as it bodes well for my 30s. This time however. I felt a little frustration considering it was the same till-monkey who has served me countless times.

In these situations, my calm demeanour occasionally cracks, I sigh loudly, reach for my passport and declare that "I'm nearly 27 y'know".

I didn't help the situation today by having no beard (consequently looking about 12 years of age) and I ended up expressing some dislike of having to carry my passport. Till-monkey asked about a driving licence - I said "I don't drive" and that I expressed "no interest in learning".

"What about a provisional one?"

This stumped me somewhat, so I continued packing my shopping.

"I like your badge" she says, and temporarily I'm heartened by this compliment, and then I realise that my badge is a 'No To ID' badge. Part of me really really wants this girl to have a deep distrust of the increasing authoritarianism of our government's plans to introduce said cards, but gradually I started to realise that she thought I was some vehement anti-booze ID activist who has a MASSIVE PROBLEM with being asked (I don't).

"Oh yeah" I force a laugh "I didn't realise the irony of the situation". She stares, and it dawns on me that she may or may not know what 'irony' means. Despite this being her loss, for some reason, it makes the situation even worse, and the only thing left to do is wish her a good weekend and slink off.

One to file under anxiety and social awkwardness I feel.

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