20 Sep 2009

Cutz Tipz - A Manifesto

-Abolish ID cards
-Get rid of trident
-Cut military spending
-Abolish academy schools - reclaim economies of scale by having education run through local authorities
-Stop subsidising the arms trade
-Extend universal benefits by saving money on means-testing
-Tax on air and carbon-heavy travel
-Cheap public transport to stimulate economy
-Stop bailing out failing banks - push co-operative and mutual societies to take on role of failed institutions
-Reform Common Agricultural Policy to encourage local sustainable production, rather than protection of inefficient and unfriendly industries
-Massive investment in transport infrastructure to stimulate economy
-Measure success of economy based on quality of life NOT GDP per capita.
-Devolution of state control to local councils, reduce central government, cut civil service, extend control of public services closer to local people
-Raise allowance for low earners, introduce graduate tax, abolish tuition fees for students
-Introduce Tobin Tax for foreign currency speculation

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