14 Sep 2009

Hydrogen Is The Answer Pt. 2

A new religious battle is taking place, this time in an inbox of mine at work. It begins:

The Director / Head of Institutions

Associations of Doctors / Scientists / Schools & Colleges

Respected Sir,

I borne in 1956 and not seen the independence of India or other things. I visited all parts of India and not visited aboard, Hence the following details are of India.

Everyone knows that the best way of sounding mental is through punctuation - this is no exception:


In the World all religion has females & male. How to identify peoples by religion or country wise??? Why all these religion has been created????? Think about a child, whether one boy or girl is there on one side and rest world is on other side, think that who will die for kids, then among those people, the persons who want to save kids should think & educate children in schools. World should be full of thinking like Swami Vivekananda & Buddha because they give education on truth / developments. You may also think always for the better / the best.

I think the writer doesn't like modern education:

At present crime done by illiterate persons are criminals & other crime are literate crime which is done under the word God / religion based on education of shastra’s / ethics. Why the word God & other words like Brahma, Bishnu, Mahesh, Atma, Permatma, Deowata (Man), Devias’ (Females) etc. in Hindi are there it can be cleared by educators of Shastras’ Or can be seen in temples of India, which is harmful for children. It is like Animals as we eat. The day people will think for children about the educational crime and it can be simplify for children by educated persons like education in schools / colleges by theory with practical only.

Education of Shastras’ / Ethics should be simple to know like 4+4=8 by everybody through competitions in schools and should be added in world educational curriculums to think always for children / others. Education should be crystal clear for life in schools so that a child whether Boy or Girl can have smooth life i.e. free from obstructions or hurdles by simple & direct education of shastra’s / ethics like 4+4=8 as well as politics. A Specialized school may be there to think always about best future of children / others with the interactions of other schools & children in all areas like other activities. Not 1 or 2 may be 5000 or more students and teachers can think & ask / discuss this in Schools as a supreme power or prime ministers does.

Nice and simple eh? At the end of our lesson its summed up in true mentalist style:




I should put them in touch with Claude really...

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Jen said...

Is your name on a notice board some where with 'Contact this man if you wish to have a crazy rant about religion/politics/education/science/ethics/etc'