11 Sep 2009

Maybe If You Worked A Bit Harder You'd Enjoy The Benefits...

Come on you lazy fucks - what the hell is up? If you want a reward you'd better pull your socks up.

Directors of the top companies in the UK enjoyed a 23% increase in their pension arrangements last year, averaging around £250,000 per year. This works out at around 30 times that of the 'average' worker, compared to 25 last year, according to the TUC.

Obviously, the real issue we need to look at now is to cut the 'Gold Plated' pensions those greedy fucks in the public sector enjoy. Damn those public sector fat cats. Ooh hang on... maybe we are being fair. Sir Fred Goodwin had his pot sadly culled to £342000 after RBS was part nationalised. At least the blow was softened by a £2.6m lump sum he also received. Who's up for some window smashing. Anyone?

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