29 Nov 2009

Boring Again - Reasons Why Trisquel is Good

I've started using Trisquel now on my computer at home, as BLAG hasn't had any updates for ages, and I think it is the bomb, and here are my reasons:

1. Its fully free in terms of not having anything proprietary in it.
2. Unlike like other distros, it looks very pretty:

3. It can run off a live USB, so when I'm at work I can avoid using M$ stuff (mostly).
4. It seems to be intuitive, and I've yet to have any problems with it.
5. Whilst its based on Debian and Ubuntu, its not got too much of the complexity of the former, and the bulky and non-free elements of the latter. A good balance between the two, and also good for those new to linux in my most humble of opinions.

Useful tip:

- Instead of Adobe Flash, get the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox (called 'Web Browser' for license reasons) and add this script and this one. This will play most youtube type flash videos without compromising your freedom.

If you're using window$, get rid of it and get this. Back to normal blogs soon.

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Beth said...

Yes and yes.