3 Dec 2009

Little Women

I was asked today whether I had ever read Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, and before answering yes, I wasn't sure whether the circumstances of my reading the book actually counted.

When I was in about year 6 I think, I rarely wanted to go to school, and the most obvious way of achieving absence was to feign or overemphasise illness. As my Grandmother (now sadly passed) lived across the road from me, whenever I was 'ill' my parents would send me over there where she would look after me.

On this particular occasion, I remember getting comfortable on the settee in front of the fire, hoping for a day of not doing much, and more importantly, not being at school. After around an hour and a half, my Grandma was obviously not keen on me not learning and so went to fetch something for me to do. I was hoping for just some pens and things to draw with but she returned with Little Women, along with a comment about how if I wasn't going to be at school then at least I could be learning something.

She then handed it to me for me to read out loud to her, and over the course of the the day I read out the entire book, only stopping for a sandwich and a cup of tea around lunch, and then a finger of a supermarket own-brand Kit-Kat clone around quarter to 4. I was also put under pressure to finish the book in time for 15 To 1 being on TV.

Despite me remembering this experience, I don't really remember much of the storyline of the book and consequently when questioned today, I wasn't sure what answer to give in terms of whether I had actually read it or not. It is however a possible reason why I seldom take a sick day from work.

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Beth said...

Little Women is around 600 pages long. what was your Nanna thinking?

If you had read Little Women properly, you would certainly remember the death of one major character, as her name is BETH (yellow fever or small pox. Very sad)

I once read Of Mice and Men out loud to my Father. This took several hours, but OM&M is a novella, not a 600+ page epic tome.