27 Jan 2010

Defrost Showdown - Day 4

No Ice - Nowhere to hide.

Following the great thaw, looters took the Stoli during the chaotic period. Whilst the sanitation of this small cold state has improved dramatically, this has caused a power vacuum.

Agamemnon's ability to blend in with his previously snowy surroundings enabled him to travel inconspicuously around the region, whilst the fanatical Tank could be spotted from way across the shelves, and sometimes between the levels.

Progress is not always smooth. Following the Great Defrost, Agamemnon discovered new sources of wealth that lay hidden, namely around 8 cans of Carling (not so much wealth as useful in emergencies), as well as half a bottle of cheap white wine, a bottle of tonic water, and a lone bottle of some alcopop, possibly from an era beyond anyone's memory. There was also a shrivelled lime.

Whilst Tank scored a victory for temperance in one section, Agamemnon has consolidated the resources elsewhere, and Tank does not like this. They met above salad tray...

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