13 Feb 2010

A 2 Z

I've been listening to songs of mine recently in A to Z order of tracks, and its a great way of re-discovering songs that you think are ace. Obviously, no one else will, but here's some of my re-discoveries:

NoMeansNo - Humans:

'Humans' has everything - 4/4 punkrock verse, ridiculous bouncy chorus about monkeys, guitar solo, bass solo - the works. Excellent.

Bigwig - Moosh:

They're the most outrageously overused 4 chords in history but they work effectively in an against-the-jocks american high school way that for some reason, lots of us in the UK somehow relate to, despite our upbringings bearing no resemblance to this. Hollywood has a lot to answer for.

Osker - Disconnect, Disconnect

Osker were a band who didn't last long, but for some reason left some kind of impact on me, with Idle Will Kill competing for a position of one of my all time favourite albums. They were apparently known for insulting their audience, and also never had a full time drummer. Unfortunately, subsequent projects by those involved never lived up to Osker's greatness.

There would be more, but I'm only up to M...

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