26 Feb 2010


In a way, I'm following on from the post below here, in that one of my news feeds is from the official Libyan news agency. Maybe I have a fetish for being fed ridiculous propaganda, but its enjoyable.

In the recent news story about EU citizens being prevented from obtaining visas for Libya, Libyaonline.com poetically tells the story in a different way with the headline:

Swiss Irrationality Drags EU into Dispute with Friendly Libya

I've always found Libya fun in a 'but you wouldn't wanna live there' kind of way. Gaddafi's eccentric decisions include such things as staying in tents at international conferences, as well as having sexy guards:

One of my favourite episodes is where the Colonel set about designing his own Car of the Future, and the TV news had the most spectacular footage of Emperor's New Clothes syndrome. It reminded me of when Homer Simpson's long lost brother gave him the opportunity to design his dream car:

Gaddafi's 'Libyan Rocket' was apparently designed for safety.

"The invention of the safest car in the world is proof that the Libyan revolution is built on the happiness of man."

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