7 Feb 2010

Stuffed Toys of Yore

As my folks are selling their house, it looks like my room is the one that is being touted as the potential 'kids' room'. Consequently, on the bed lay two stuffed toys. When I commented on this, my mother explained that the big cushion and toys were place strategically to cover some mould growing on the wallpaper in the corner.

This stuffed animal is called 'Flush' and belonged to me. I hadn't actually given it a name for a while, but then one day, my Dad referred to it as a 'plush toy' and my limited speech capability pronounced it as 'Flush'. At the time, both me and my brother found toilets hilarious, and the name stuck.

I don't know whether this bear had a name (it wasn't mine) but is included here purely because of its creepy stare and emaciated torso.

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