29 Mar 2010

Who's The Enemy Now?

"The real danger is not Microsoft. It's just one of many proprietary-software companies today, just like IBM, Oracle or Google. The real danger is the new software model that is promoted, to the greatest degree, by Apple, and to smaller degree by companies like Amazon with its Kindle product. The software model that is more proprietary than Microsoft and others ever imagined. It controls not only the source of their own system, the protocols and (proprietary) communication standards, but also the whole software platform it delivers together with the hardware that is tightly connected with it. In iPhone App Store it's not you who decides about the software you want to install on your device. It's the device manufacturer that makes the decision. And the decisions it makes are not for your own good but for the benefit of the platform host. Some company wants to sell (or give!) you software that you may find useful, like, say, an alternative web browser (Opera) or video technology (Adobe Flash)? Well that's not so easy anymore. The device manufacturer needs to accept it first. And if it doesn't, because, say, it's a competing technology that it does not want to promote, it simply bans it, so that a non-technical user is not capable of installing it herself.

In the service-oriented business it's not an open vs closed source battle anymore. It's much more important than that. It's and open vs closed world. And the "opponent" to those who enjoy freedom of choice is not Microsoft anymore. It's Apple and their numerous followers."

From Michuk

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