22 Jun 2010

Fuck Eton

Dear Osborne,

I feel it would be somewhat amiss if I didn't let you know at this point that there will be a lot of angry sarcasm in the following words.

VAT is a regressive tax that hits the poorest hardest. I was taught about indirect taxation in year 9 ("Each extra pound you earn is worth less than the previous one, so a fair tax would increase as you earn more. VAT has a flat rate, so it represents a higher percentage of total earnings for those on lower incomes"). I can get you my GCSE teacher if you want it explaining. What? You do understand? Ahhhh, you're just a Tory cunt.

Bank taxes are an awesome populist move. What a shame we can't charge them for *their* crisis. Oh, hang on, I see you've got a levy for banks, so that's good...oh... and building societies? WTF? Building societies are mutual societies, give 'em a fucking break. It was the Tories that allowed greedy shitbags within building societies to become banks in the first place - the Carpetbaggers fucking Charter, courtesy of John Major (that grey one from the 1990s). Remember Northern Rock? That was a building society. Remember Nationwide? No, you don't need to remember, as its still standing.

Our awesome 'euro-style' coalition means that the image of the Tories as Cut-Happy Ballbags is moderated by the influence of the Lib Dems. The NEW POLITICS. YESSSSSS. Either that, or the LibDems are the ones that are going to be the Cuts-Fuck Bitch. I know where you can get a gimp mask, Nick.

I agree with Nick
I agree with Nick
I agree with Nick

George, can you ask Nick why he allowed £105m of projects to be cut for the constituency he was proud to bang on about during the 'Prime Ministerial Debates'? The £80m for Forgemasters was what's called a loan. i.e. If they can buy stuff and make more stuff, the treasury will see some more tasty receipts, WITH INTEREST.

Sheffield got fucked over in the 1980's where projects ground to a halt, and we were left with building sites that even the most optimisitic found difficult to spin as local charm. I look forward to seeing how the Retail Quarter (currently rubble) will be spun to the local artisans.

Best wishes,

PS Give my regards to the financial sector and the South East.


Beth said...

Simon for King!

Stuart Gray said...

I would very much like to see the response to this letter.