8 Jun 2010


"Creator-Innovators are usually imaginative and good at initiating new ideas or concepts.

They are future-orientated. They tend to work in intensive
bursts and during these times are prone to absent-mindedness. Typically, they do not like to be held to deadlines but prefer to pursue their own curiosity in their own way. They can be difficult people to manage not because they are argumentative but because they are difficult to predict and control.

They are usually searching for the "new way" and often may feel misunderstood as they work in areas which are on the edge of the unknown.

Usually they do not care to work within a formal system. They prefer to work at their own pace in their own way and very often in their own time. They do not believe new ideas and creativity can be turned on. While they may work hard they search for the "flash" which will give them the insight they need for a sustained burst of energy."

Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile

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