15 Jul 2010

Farnborough Air Show

It sounds fairly innocuous.

However the last one in 2008 resulted in £88bn of arms sales, and is the UK's second biggest arms fair. I like the way they're called a 'fair'. It makes me think there should be morris dancers, with weapons. If only.

Our friend Liam Fox, the defence minister is going along (as a Tory I suppose this is par for the course) but Vince Cable will also be joining him. Congratulations LibDems on killing another part of your reputation (Cable and the Lib Dems used to campaign against government subsidising the arms trade).

It all comes down to the ADS Group who organise the fair, who allegedly put political pressure on both the Libs and the Cons at election time. A member of the ADS board, Sandy Wilson, is also the UK managing director of General Dynamics, which beat BAE Systems (Britain biggest arms manufacturer) to a £4bn contract for armoured reconnaissance vehicles.

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