3 Aug 2010

“This is an outstanding example of India-UK defence and industrial partnership..."

"...and this agreement will bring significant economic benefits to both our countries.”

David Cameron said after India agreed to pay £700m for hawk training jets (they're the ones we used to sell to Indonesia to help crush those pesky East Timorese). The 'economics benefits' Dave speaks of is actually to secure just 200 jobs in the UK. £3.5m per job.

CAAT speaks:

*The deal goes against the UK government's own arms export guidelines, which stipulate that arms exports should only go to countries not involved in ongoing conflicts. Figures show that at least 1500 people were killed in regional conflicts in Assam, Manipur and Kashmir in 2008.

*We should be exporting goods that would help alleviate such high levels of poverty instead of goods that only benefit a small number of multi-national corporations with morally dubious records such as BAE.

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