10 Sep 2010

Calm Down, Hotheads

Surely the way we can deal with this Koran burning nonsense is to gather every religious book and have a jolly old bonfire, with snacks. Everyone will see everyone else's book go up in flames in an orgy of enjoyable warm catharsis. Problem solved.

A few other issues come to mind however:

1. At what point does an incandescent tome become offensive? If you just tore off a little strip off the page with the publishing details and set it alight, does that count?

2. How about if a book repository caught fire, and the authorities suspected arson? The culprit would have knowingly set fire to it, but would not have known the place contained Korans/Torahs etc.

3. What if one cut out loads of words from newspapers, kidnap-style, and an over a period of time, assembled an entire replica of a religious text, and then set that on fire. In a way, the manufacturer/keen craftsperson made that - when does the ownership revert to God?

Bless you all, you mentalists.

Oh yeah, if you didn't see Colin Blakemore on 'The Case For God' recently, here he is:

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