31 Oct 2010

Eon Satifaction Survey

Question 2.

Based on what you know about E.ON, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague? Please use a 0-10 scale, where 0 represents "Not at all likely" and 10 "Extremely likely


Question 3.
Please explain the reason for your answer to the previous question?

Eon have kept me waiting on a non-geographic (e.g. 0845) number for ages, costing me money. The automated voice is harsh and unpleasant sounding, and Eon are responsible for the destruction of the Tinsley Towers in Sheffield, so I'm not the biggest fan.

Question 5.

Why don't you currently choose to pay for your energy by Direct Debit?

Option 10 - I don't trust you to get it right

Question 8.

Do you have any other comments or feedback, to help improve our customer service in the future?

A FREEPHONE number for paying bills. More accurate estimation of bills. Fewer instances of knocking down local landmarks. Calling in to read meter at weekends when I'm more likely to be in. Essentially, I'll only be a fan when you're TAKEN BACK INTO PUBLIC OWNERSHIP and not motivated by profit.

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