28 Oct 2010

Tipz For Spammerz

From: xxxlxxxxxsonxx77@gmail.com
Subject: hi my love!

1 attachment: pic.exe
Hello my love! I am attaching some naked pics for you to see!


Hello Joel Peterson,

Most people would realise that an executable file as an attachment is a big no no. If you really want to spread malware, you're probably better off hiding it in a zip file or something, or alternatively linking to a temporary site where one's computer can be infected and used as a zombie to point other users towards fake pharmacy websites.

Also, when one has access to THE INTERNET, the appeal of 'naked pics' is not really enough to warrant taking a gamble on downloading an attachment that could kill many PCs (not mine as I am not an endorser of Microsoft software - note the smugness).

I despair at this poor level of spam - come on! Pull your socks up! I recommend maybe putting out a bit of 'download from youtube' software to get your clients in. Just a tip.

All the worst,

Hariettzz F-ree V1agra

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