4 Nov 2010

Work In The Public Sector?

Lots of public sector websites have forms and documents to download.  Lots of said organisations also offer a link to Adobe Acrobat for the purpose of reading them.

So, as these bodies are publicly-funded, Adobe is getting both free advertising, and help in cementing their monopoly.  The Free Software Foundation Europe is presently lobbying organisations across the continent to remove links to Adobe, and offer a useful page in its place.  Link below.  I've taken as many references to Adobe down as possible in my workplace - how about you?


vickytoria said...

Interesting. Until I just read this I've never even thought about there being an alternative PDF reader.

What may interest you more is the conversation I had with my brother-in-law who said that the school he teaches in is thinking of providing lessons to students on how to use smartphones... iPhones specifically.

But then as he pointed out it's not much different from teaching students how to use computers using only Microsoft products.

silince said...

Might be worth sending this link then...


Anonymous said...

Have used CutePDF (freeware) for years now - never really considered looking for a proprietary-free alternative.

Come to think of it, it's not particularly cute either.