2 Dec 2010

Sheffield Occupied

Despite low temperature and some alleged attempts to freeze them out (through air conditioning)  the Richard Roberts building is still occupied.

I brought some sandwiches, snacks and drinks yesterday, and that seemed to go down well.  Today they had a visit from Radio 1's former diskette jockey Mary Anne Hobbes. 


punkmonk said...

I'm familiar with that building. I doubt the cold temperatures are on purpose, especially when we often have to deal with working in below 15 degree temperatures. The heating is controlled offsite in Leeds, and it can take up to a week for them to increase the temperature. Think of all the poor postgrads who have to work in that building all winter, not just the occupiers who get to wear coats.

silince said...

Yeah I wasn't sure, hence the media catch all get out clause of saying 'alleged'.

punkmonk said...

I have just checked 2 labs and the office on my floor, we are at 15 + 16 in the labs and 18 degrees in the office. this is after they turned it up.