3 Mar 2011

Fun Bumps

When I was younger I thought that a standard feature of garden walls was to have small metal lumps across them.

Now, as school history taught me, I know that the removal of railings was due to them being cut off and melted to make munitions during the second world war, but its strange how this should still impact on me growing up in the 1980s (and to this day).  Average earnings were far lower back then, and yet railings were important.  Over 65 odd years later, they're still not replaced.  I'm not sure whether this is a Sheffield, a Northern, or a national thing.

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Stuart Gray said...

I'd known about the railings being used for the war effort for a while and walls have the same characteristics further north. In my experiences in the south, however, a larger proportion of walls have railings and some of them even look like originals. I hope this goes some way to helping you decide on the regional specificity of this wartime memento.