30 May 2011

Jesus BT

No great work of literature this, just continued frustration.

My internet connection has be patchy of late, gradually becoming non-existent, especially on weekends. The problem lies in no dial tone. BT said 3 days to repair but I've heard nothing yet. I suppose part of the problem is not spotting the phone issue, as who the fuck uses landlines except the elderly, the criminal fraternity and the mentally ill.

I now exist as a kind of web vagrant, stealing whatever bandwidth I can glean from outside pubs, and sometimes attempting to guess the passwords of my neighbours. HINT: its not 'wireless' or 'password'.

If I'm really desperate, I bluetooth in to my old skool mobile, but I dread to think of what the charges are, and its speed is laughable. Still, at least I have a portable modem of sorts.

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