1 May 2011


"Mutual Aid Sheffield (M.A.SH) is a voluntary group providing solidarity and support for strikes, workplace actions and community struggles through direct action. The group is open to any worker or unemployed person across any sector. It is independent of all political parties and trade unions and is non-profit.

MASH works through direct action to help every member of the group with problems like: crap landlords, housing issues, benefit claims, problems with access to public services, bullying and victimisation, sexual harassment, discrimination and unpaid wages.
MASH operates on a non-hierarchical basis and roles are shared and rotated.
MASH works towards consensus in its decision making. It is strictly anti-discrimination and any form of prejudice; racism, sexism, homophobia will not be tolerated in the group.
MASH operates through self-organisation; the group will support people to take up their own struggles but cannot do things for people without their involvement. The principle of mutual aid requires that we all help each other with our struggles; if people want help they have to help others."

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