9 Aug 2011

Live Flames

Being 9 hours ahead in Japan, I've managed to watch quite a lot of the rioty stuff as it happened.  Apart from watching bemused, it's felt like a strange disconnection knowing that I'm thousands of miles away.

It's irritating to hear certain talking heads on the radio coming up with answers so quickly, as if a dickhead snowball effect can be rounded up into one simple explanation.  If anything, its people seeing that they can break shit, and so going out and doing it.  As one wag said this morning "technology is to blame, the technology of fire".

I think we're going to see a lot of bullshit from all quarters about this.  On one side, retired colonel types will call for marshal law and the army being called in, and some types on indymedia disappointingly say that trashing small shops, many of which have individuals and families living above, is part of some greater revolution.  A revolution about electrical goods or something.

A victim here has been pride about where people live, and how people can be so disconnected that the welfare of who they share a town or city with is worth less than a flame and a couple of lols.

The #riotcleanup hashtag is a nice touch, but its a shame that that dedication to sorting out our cities requires a riot to inspire it.

Yours from the other side of the globe.


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