18 Aug 2011


On this A Level results day I would like to write about a different sort of Uni, that is, a type of sushi common in Japan:

So that picture makes it look like it's a riceball, wrapped in seaweed and topped with something that looks a bit like butternut squash, but you'd be wrong.

The scent of it was fairly neutral, somewhere between a sea breeze and an indoor market.  I decided to take the plunge and gobble the whole lot down.  At first the texture reminded me of froth that you might find at a dirty seaside pier somewhere, however as the dish was cold there wasn't loads of flavour... yet.  As I chewed, the frothy, dirty seaside pier flavours gradually got stronger, but disappointingly, didn't break down that much in my mouth.

More and more, the fishmarket floorwater taste got stronger in my mouth, and my only option was to swallow quickly, aided by warm sake.  Urgh.  That was disgusting.

Uni is actually the gonad of the sea urchin.  There's a reason you don't see at that many restaurants - it's a gastromic human rights violation.

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