10 Nov 2011

38 degrees email to Cleggy

If there ever was a time for a financial transactions tax, now would be it.

As a constituent in Sheffield, I can already see the effects of a deficit caused by bailing out a financial sector that took risks without considering the consequences on ordinary people.  

The Tobin Tax (or Robin Hood tax) could contribute to calming speculation, and raise money for those who have no friends in the city, let alone an Eton or Westminster education.  

No longer is it case of the UK going it alone: France, Germany and Brazil have agreed.  As a country with a significant financial sector (for better or worse) we could be a beacon of progressive thought on the matter.  Or we could revert to business as usual, where an ever growing number are feeling alienated not just from a bloated financial sector that has learned nothing, but alienated further from the political system of which you are a part.

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