2 Nov 2011

Bog Jazz

There's a toilet in the building where I work, and it has one of those frames on the door designed for holding posters, however no ever puts any kind of advertising or notices in there.

Poor show.

Well, no one did before myself and some colleagues starting putting our own notices in there, often of a radical bent. So far (often for fortnightly stretches) we have had writing from William Blake, 19th century expressions of feminism, pieces of humorous verse and the surreal. On a recent trip there, one of my Noam Chomsky quotes appeared to have violently been removed from its holder.

"Brilliant" I thought "look at the passion we're inspiring".

 As who removed it remains a mystery, my only choice is to keep putting more quotes in there. This week's quote is from the final part of the Port Huron statement, written by Students For A Democratic Society in 1962.

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